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louis vuitton poodle purse

every year the noirs receive a visit from their friend, mr. w. from florida.  mr. noir has known w. for many years:  they first met when w. was mr. noir’s mother’s hairdresser!  mr. w. no longer does hair, but he maintains a little booth in an antique mall, where he sells selected tidbits.  esme found that he had an amazing knowledge of fashion history!  and he certainly loves shopping—for antiques, clothes, jewelry, etc.  typically, he and esme do a little thrifting, but this time we ran out of time because esme had to write a paper for her fashion class!

the typical visit also includes a fair amount of dining.  in fact, our best sartorial experience came about on the first night of the visit, when we went out to a local restaurant and esme was assailed by an astonishing sight!  waiting for a table was a stylish-looking couple with the tiniest white poodle you have ever seen, stashed in a louis vuitton dog-carrying purse!  now esme has seen photos of this kind of thing, but even in dog-friendly carmel has never encountered a purse-dog in real life…..much less in a restaurant!

as you may or may not know, many restaurants in carmel are “dog-friendly”.  however, state regulations forbid dogs inside eating establishments, so dogs and their owners are usually relegated to an outside seating area.  esme was most curious to find out how this particular little animal had gotten around this problem!  well, it turns out that she is a therapy dog, and therapy dogs are allowed everywhere.  spike even brings one on the airplane!

now therapy dogs are not usually found in the form of tea-cup poodles.  however, when esme eventually worked up the courage to interview the couple, it turns out that the petit canine is a genuine therapy dog, with all sorts of papers and credentials.  it’s just that she’s too tiny to fit into any of the standard therapy-dog outfits!  imagine!  esme was allowed to pat the dog, who was soft as fluff.  the experience was indeed very calming and therapeutic.  she even licked esme’s hand before settling down to sleep, peacefully curled up in her designer bag while the couple enjoyed their dinner!

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