by admin on May 4, 2011

feather hair extension

ok, esme knows that feather earrings were around in the ’60’s and ’70’s (she just didn’t know about them then) and have now come back in big time. but i doubt this is true of a related trend:  feather hair extensions.  esme learned about these the other day at the gym.  her young swimming colleague, ms. x, was sporting them in her shining dark hair, and they looked quite lovely!  in fact, esme thinks she overheard the girls in her fashion class talking about feather hair-extensions, but she wasn’t sure.

the style reminds esme of horses with ribbons braided in their manes….. and the sun glinting off their flanks, burnished to a high shine by hours of brushing!  esme passed by some of these horses in a field just this morning.  a week ago they were looking all muddy and down-in-the-dumps (pitiful really), but the sun must have brought out the grooming instinct in their owners.  they looked frisky and well-cared for. two of them were even kissing!  there is a lot to be said for proper grooming!

well, esme’s hair is too short to benefit from the feather-hair-extension trend—otherwise she just might go for it!  mmmm, on the other hand, i suppose that a woman of a certain age could end up looking quite witchy with these things!  oh well.  a quick internet search reveals that one can do hair extensions oneself, but apparently there are a lot of issues involved.  best go to an expert, at least for the first time around.  in the meantime, esme has celebrated the burst of warm weather by getting her toes done…..and she keeps thinking about getting a purple streak in her hair!

frisky in spring,



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