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sketchers shape-ups

one of esme’s quests, which she has been pursuing for about 9 months now, is for a pair of those shoes with fat soles that are supposed to tone your legs and butt, and strengthen your abs and back!  doesn’t that sound good?  well, the toning would be a nice side-effect, but what esme really wants them for is to see if they would be comfortable for her aging feet and put less stress on her crumbling back.  before her foot surgery, esme ordered some sketchers shape-up shoes in a mary jane style.  they were actually kind of cute, and made esme feel really tall, but sad to say, the toe-box was not wide enough.  she tried a couple of different sizes and styles, but had no luck.

so, as her foot began to recover, she thought she’d try again.  still no dice.  she finally decided she’d have to try the lace-up kind which, as you know if you have back trouble, can be a problem because you have to bend over to lace them!  but if that’s what it took…….esme scoured macy’s and couldn’t find a pair in her size.  finally she spotted some at a local store, lloyd’s shoes, on sale!  naturally, the ones in black that looked cuter did not feel as comfortable as they should.  so esme tried some really funny-looking ones in a lighter color.  bingo!  very comfy!  with some misgivings re the look, she bought a pair.

these shoes take some getting used to.  so esme has been trying to wear them in the house for brief periods until her body gets adjusts to them.  so far, they seem very comfortable and squishy on the feet.  their effect on the back is yet to be determined.  esme has not quite had the courage to wear them outside the house……hmmmmm.  still, she has high hopes that perhaps they will eventually become therapeutic dog-walking shoes.

readers, any experience with these funny-looking shoes?

ever hopeful,



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