by admin on May 7, 2011

jumbies (indigo by clark's)

esme has been thinking about the need for a pale-colored sandal for summer.  something feminine but comfortable, with a bit of cushion for the aging foot—impossible perhaps?  well, esme nipped into a little store called shu the other day, and was browsing through their sale-rack when she found one that had possibilities.  this was a little sandal by clark’s indigo line.  it was like a flip-flop but with a strap around the heel. the color was a pale champagne, and it had little polished stones along the toe-thing.

esme tried it on.  the amazing thing was that it had a bit of padding just under the ball of the foot, and that made all the difference.  the toes were open, and it looked quite nice with esme’s new pedicure.  only problem was, it was a bit big (i find i can often go down a size in sandals).  they didn’t have the champagne in esme’s size—rats!  so she tried on a dark brown one.  quite pretty, but not quite what she had in mind.

of course she went home and did a thorough internet search.  turns out the shoes are called jumbies (!).  the only one in champagne available in the whole on-line universe seemed to be in a size 9!  so if you like this sandal and wear a 9, jump on it!  now esme is obsessing about whether she should buy the brown one, or perhaps re-try the larger one in champagne.  most likely she’ll obsess until both are sold and the problem becomes moot!

almost in sandal heaven,



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