by admin on May 8, 2011

whimsey in white

teal dress with gray leggings

esme finally corralled whimsey into a little shopping expedition…..or perhaps whimsey corralled esme… any case, we undertook a little joint shopping venture.  whimsey had seen some articles of clothing at carmel apparel in the crossroads, and wanted a second opinion.  in addition, she had been eying a pair of high sandals at stephan cori and wanted to take another look.  she brought along a number of her own garments that she wanted to try with the various new items.  (note:  always remember to bring along stuff you think will go with other stuff….esme tends to forget this, to her detriment!).

the first new item was a long white knit shirt in an intriguingly crinkly fabric and sporting an irregular hem.  whimsey envisioned wearing it under a knee-length vesty thing in white with pale yellowish-tan horizonal stripes.  (these garments are always hard to describe!).  when she tried it with the jeans she had on and added a belt, it was fine, but not quite right.  she tried a couple of other things.  finally she grabbed a pair of white leggings, left the vesty thing open, et voila!!  this was a cool look!  it reminded esme of a new york artist just leaving her studio in search of a latte (although esme has not been to new york in ummm….34 years, so who knows?).  the balletish aspect of the outfit appealed to esme, but whimsey was not sure she liked this fantasy.

whimsey had also found a knit cotton dress in a lovely dark teal.  the color brought out her green eyes and the collar, a wide shawl affair looked great next to her face.  the dress (or perhaps i should say, whimsey) looked fetchingly curvaceous. and it too could be worn with leggings, as well as with bare legs.  just for kicks, esme tried on the same dress.  even though she and whimsey are similar in size and coloring, it did absolutely nothing  for esme—just goes to show you must try things on!

now here was the problem:  whimsey had vowed to stop wearing leggings.  she was tired of them.  she wanted to wear pants and dresses.  and yet, whereas last year narey a top to wear with leggings could be found, this year half the appealing tops call out to be worn with leggings!  what is a shopper to do??

well, whimsey wound up buying the top, the leggings, and a wonderful pair of spring sandals.  then we went shopping for skirts!  but by this time whimsey was cranky and tired.  even the idea of chocolate did nothing for her.  and she doesn’t drink martini’s….so….

we called it a day,




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