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soma heidi bra

long-time readers know that esme is very prejudiced in favor of european lingerie.  it is just the prettiest and best-made around.  however, in recents months esme has felt the need for a simple nude bra to wear under white, and has been unable to find just the right one in her usual venues.  having converted to the wireless bra, she can’t bear the thought of going back to underwire, which makes the quest particularly difficult.  in addition, although she’d like to be able to wear this bra under a t-shirt, she really must eschew the stiff padded look and feel characteristic of most t-shirt bras.

so the other day she popped into soma in the del monte center.  she had been there before, and had purchased some satisfactory nightgowns.  but, she had not had the energy to thoroughly explore their bras (and you know how much mental and physical energy THAT takes…..kind of like looking for swimming suits!).  anyway, she decided to revisit their collection of wireless bras, which, in her size, turned out to be a collection of one.  well, that certainly made things simple!

the bra in question is called a heidi.  it has a crossover design, and is not much to look at in itself (sorry mr. noir).  however, the nude one worked well under a white t-shirt and seemed remarkably comfortable.  esme decided to test drive it and perhaps come back for a black one if she was successful.  you know how you can’t really tell about a bra until you have worn it for a day……..surprisingly, the heidi turned out to be perhaps the most comfortable bra esme has even worn.  i’m telling you, you do not want to take it off!  it offers good (if not excessive) support, and a soft profile. definitely a success for esme!

speaking of profiles, this is an interesting topic, and one which must be explored in future blogs.  in the meantime, if you’re looking for an unusually comfortable every day bra, you owe it to yourself to check out the heidi!  the saleswoman at soma told me they were selling like hotcakes!

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