by admin on May 9, 2011

syncopated charms

even since she was a child, esme has had a collection of gold charm bracelets and lockets that her grandmother gave her for birthdays over the years.  they are really quite charming, with her name or initials inscribed and interesting little designs on the backs.  there is even one in the shape of a tiny violin, complete with case and bow!  the only trouble is, esme has never been much of a bracelet person, and the bracelets are rather dated in any case.  and yet, they are lovely little accessories, and esme has been looking for a way to make use of them for years.

well, trust our friend mr. w. from florida to come up with an idea!  he suggested stringing the bracelets together to make a necklace, hanging the lockets from chains of different lengths and wearing them all together over a t-shirt!  genius! the bracelets just form a choker, and the different textures and lengths make for an interesting syncopated rhythm!  and the best thing is, they fill in the neckline of esme’s t’s, which were starting to expose a bit too much freckled flesh!  they feel nice to the touch, but weightless around the neck.





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