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lululemon turquoise


esme’s gym had a little zumba demo (a 2-hr. “zumbaton”!) and fashion show the other day.  of course esme had to go, even though she is strictly a swimmer.  esme has heard of zumba but never witnessed it.  i’ll have to say it was quite impressive…..more like dance than exercise.  the leader showed amazing vigor and stamina, as well as some impressive elvis moves.  the older members danced gamely along,  looking fit but a bit stiff, and sweating profusely.  5 years ago, esme might have been tempted to try zumba-ing, but following her back, foot, neck, shoulder etc. issues, it seemed best to remain a spectator!

the fashion show featured workout clothes by lululemon.  again, esme has heard of this brand but has never tried it on.  many people rave about it!  the models were all members or employees of the gym, and some had professional modeling experience.  all ages (if not all sized) were represented, and they strutted their stuff with aplomb.  esme has a little trouble figuring out what the big whoop is about workout clothes.  however, these were certainly flattering, and apparently were constructed to stay in place during radical moves such as one might perform in say, hot yoga.

most of the pants were black, in varying lengths and cuts, but uniformly flattering to the butt and belly (though mind you, these were EXTREMELY fit models!).  esme found a set of turquoise tops–a tank with matching jacket–particularly fetching.  the color alone seemed as though it would pull one through the most extreme of exhausting work-outs!

the outfits paled, however, in the face of a remarkable move by one of the personal trainers.  this person is a very eccentric character with a truly amazing body.  she managed to sneak in what esme can only describe as a little pole-dancing move.  truly, esme had never seen anything quite like it, and was extremely impressed.  she could not wait to tell mr. noir.  i gather, though, that some members were underwhelmed or even offended by the move.  ah well….chaqu’un son gout, as we francophiles say.




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