by admin on May 10, 2011

purple and navy rash guard

esme had kind of a rash guard crisis a few months ago when her trusty rash guard/sun protector shirt wore out.  she had hoped that swimming before 10 a.m. combined with the gloomy weather would protect her from too much sun.  however, just last week a swimming buddy exclaimed in amazement at how tan esme was.  at esme’s age and skin type, this is not a good thing!  esme was horrified enough to get right on the computer and order up a coolibar rashguard.

it took awhile to come.  in the meantime, esme attempted to apply sunscreen, really not that easy to do on one’s back.  she kept looking at the tan lines from her swim-suit and had to acknowledge that they were getting darker and darker.  she meant to make an appointment with a dermatologist, but kept putting it off.

finally, the rash guard arrived in the mail.  and what a rash guard it is!  it zips up the front (much easier to get in and out of when wet and clingy), and is in a striking dark purple with navy blue piping.  it’s rather curvy and form-fitting, and if i weren’t wearing it in the pool, i might wear it as a little jacket.

but the real test was how it performed in the water.  esme tried it yesterday, with great success.  a little drag was inevitable, but basically it was comfortable and easy to swim in.  a little bonus is that it provides some protection from the wind, which we’ve had an abundance of this spring.  now esme can’t wait to watch her tan-lines fade.

ah what a difference a few decades makes!



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