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the bullet bra

modern teddy (from intima)

i don’t know if you have realized that breasts have profiles, but esme has learned that they do.  not only do they have a natural shape when viewed from the side, but the construction of bras creates or emphasizes different forms.  the fashionable breast-shape has changed over the decades (not to speak of the centuries).

for instance, during the late 19th century and early 20th, a full, high, voluptuous bust was popular.  women even wore “bust improvers” to achieve this look!  by the 1920’s a slim, flat bust was fashionable, and bras were constructed to minimize the breast.  skip ahead to the post-war period (the era of the “new look”), and we see the appearance of those funny cone-shaped bras that created a high, pointy look!  most of you probably recall that madonna revived this look in the ’80’s!

in recent years, the carefully padded t-shirt bra has dominated. (esme knows this from personal observation in the women’s locker room).  at the same time, breast augmentation has been big (ha ha!).  the desired profile has been round, high and firm (with no nipples visible).  underwire has been everywhere.  perhaps it’s just esme, but she has become tired of the lingerie required to achieve this profile.  she’s also decided that it begins to look odd as one ages (the breasts high, large, and firm, while the rest of the body sags!).  her personal preference has been for a softer, less magnificent profile, achieved with a less structured undergarment.

what about you, readers?  is your concept of the ideal profile evolving? and guys, do speak up!





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