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classic thong

tartan thong

have you ever wondered when and why the thong panty was invented?  this question certainly crossed esme’s mind as she explored the fascinating world of lingerie history.

to research the issue, esme started out with a little trip to intima, where thongs abound in the loveliest shapes, fabrics and colors.  cierra (saleswoman and jewelry designer, early 20’s) told esme she had been wearing thongs since 7th grade, when she snuck one on behind her mother’s back (so to speak!).  if 7th graders were wearing them in the ’90’s, thongs must have been around for a good while before that….at least for 20 years, wouldn’t you say?

an internet search revealed that the garment was invented in 1939 (!) to cover up nude dancers at the world’s fair.  a period of several decades went by until the thong bikini appeared in 1974, designed by a rudi gernrich.  it certainly didn’t catch on right away in the u.s., or at least not to esme’s knowledge.  brazilians stared wearing the bikini’s on the beach around 1977–now that is believable—but again, esme sees no evidence that americans took up the style.

now of course, the thong is ubiquitous.  in fact, it can be difficult to find a really sexy pair of panties that are not thongs!  according to cierra, women either love them or hate them.  esme falls into the latter group, being way too much of a princess-and-the-pea to tolerate the feel.  nevertheless, she is fascinated by the phenomenon.  cierra and i speculated that the popularity of the skinny jean and other tightly fitted pants encouraged the adaptation of the thong by the throngs.  i wondered if the advent of workout wear and the fitness craze also helped.  in any case, cierra was quite certain that the thong is here to stay!

esme will admit that thongs look really fetching in an underwear drawer.  delicate, brightly colored, feminine, they make a delicious little display.  interestingly enough, cierra told esme that they are often quite good for women with larger behinds—no need to tug on the bottoms i suppose!  one on-line writer raved about how they can fit in a purse, and several loved feeling “sexy and bad”  while wearing them!  hmmm….well that sounds ok…..but……

of course there is the famous monica lewinsky thong (apparently the top of a thong just visible at the back was one of the elements in her relationship with the then president clinton).  however, even thong fanciers such as cierra decried the look of thongs showing in front or back above one’s low-rider pants!

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