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a push-up bra

european profile

a little visit to intima added to esme’s knowledge of the sociology of the breast.  not only do bra profiles vary with the era;  they also vary with one’s age and geographical location.

let’s take age.  esme learned that older women (that is, i suppose, women esme’s age!) tend to prefer a less   bra.  although the cone or bullet bra is no longer widely available (really, esme thought they looked pretty cool and wouldn’t mind owning one), the older woman prefers a bra that creates a pointier shape when worn.

on the other hand, men in their 20’s and 30’s seem to be attracted to the high, round, firm, uplifted look provided by a padded push-up type bra! huh! ah well, i guess esme isn’t going to attract any boy-toys!  i suppose this profile suggests youth and fertility and would be an appropriate bait for a young man wishing (either consciously or sub-consciously) to procreate.

here is another interesting tidbit that esme picked up.  women with breast augmentation can wear just about any bra they wish.  since their breasts are self-lifting, they don’t have to worry much about support or even fit—their breasts will just keep happily afloat no matter how big or small the bra.  in addition, they need not worry about the ubiquitous problem of how to fit breasts of different sizes—they posses a perfect symmetry!

and, according to intima, european women prefer bras that display the breasts as they are—neither enhanced in size nor reduced!  european bras thus tend towards the less padded, less sculptural look.

ah, i knew i must have been french in another life!



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