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vibram 5-fingers

rain parka and capilene t

ok readers, this is not a rhetorical question!  christophe is leaving for paris in TWO DAYS and we need an answer to this question!

esme spent a good part of yesterday shopping with her son christophe for his trip.  because part of his tour will consist of a 2-week long hike through the alps, he needs to bring a backpack and hiking boots.  we outfitted him with cool “adventure wear” that i think will also work in the city:  capilene t-shirts in black and white; a sleek black fleece-like jacket; a dark gray rain jacket in a very light-weight fabric.  in addition we found these cute plaid boxers in quick-dry fabric, and light-weight khaki trousers that zip off to become shorts.

but here’s the problem.  in addition to his hiking boots (which, being bulky, he plans to wear on the plane), christophe is planning to bring only 2 other pieces of foot-wear:  his l.a. surfer-dude rainbow flip-flops, and his beloved 5-finger shoes with spaces for each toe!  maybe things have changed in the almost 10 years since esme has been to paris, but i’m afraid he’ll be laughed off the street in this footwear!  in addition, he’s staying with a host family for the first few weeks, and what will they think if he comes down to dinner in his 5-fingers?  i mean, hey….you tell me!

knowing christophe as i do, i am sure he’ll be much more receptive to feedback if it comes from someone other than esme!  but i’m thinking, in consideration of space and weight, what about ditching the rainbows and 5-fingers and maybe taking a pair of slip-on kanvas keds or some such??

awaiting enlightenment,




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