by admin on May 13, 2011

how about these?

don’t you just love the internet?  how did we ever live without it?  perhaps it will become (or already has become) a go-to tool for child-rearing problems!  esme’s desperate plea for advice concerning christophe’s choice of footwear for a trip to paris elicited immediate and forceful response from her faithful readers.  and just in time, as we have exactly one shopping day left before the big adventure begins!

christophe, i’m afraid that when it comes to wearing vibram 5-fingers shoes in paris, the nays ran 100%!  one reader minced no words:  wearing such shoes is at best a distraction and at worst similar to wearing a sign on one’s forehead reading a—hole!  (or to put it more gently, wierdo??).  this reader also averred that would show disrespect for the french culture.  now, if any of you had questions about whether fashion is communication, you have your answer right here!

another reader put it like this:  OMG esme, don’t let him wear those shoes in paris (as if esme really had any control!)!  this reader (esme happens to know she has raised several children, including boys) knew the right buttons to push:  she described the 5-fingers as a female-repellent!  she agreed that at present they look freakish, although she speculated that most likely in 5 years or so they will be all the rage.

so i think the kid (now technically an adult) will be dragged to macy’s along with a credit card.  how i wish we had a nordstrom’s here in the monterey bay area, but we don’t!

anyway, if you happen to be in paris, and you see a good-looking college-age kid walking around in 5-fingers, you will know that esme lost the battle.  he’s really not a nut, so do say “bonjour”!

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