by admin on May 14, 2011

a case of the drabs

geox shoes

ah, christophe is launched!  we said our good-byes at the san jose airport, all of us bleary-eyed and rather nervous after having arisen at 4 a.m.  thank heavens christophe was wearing some stylish and comfortable geox shoes, which we’d found for 50% off at hedi’s shoe outlet in the barnyard shopping center.  in fact, he was one of the more reputable looking passengers waiting to go through the security line.

esme has not flown anywhere in several years.  she usually finds it amusing to watch the people and their clothes while waiting in any large airport.  of course people never wear their best outfits for traveling anymore, and comfort is primary, but i must say this was a sorry-looking group of travelers.  the best word to describe their attire?  drab.  dull.  colorless.  those who were not wearing dark baggy jeans and dark baggy sweat-shirts were wearing shorts and flip-flops.  i know you  have to take off your shoes for inspection (and this was a flight to dallas, not direct to paris), but the effect was rather pitiful.

there were a few notable exceptions.  one young asian man was attired in sleek black combat boots with pants tucked into them, spikey hair, and heavy-rimmed dark glasses.  esme imagined he might have been continuing on to paris.  one woman had on a summery layered skirt with co-ordinated ballet-flats.  looking at the photo i took, i notice there’s one man wearing a red t-shirt.  other than that, one longed to inject at least some color (if not some style) into the remaining passengers.   hmmm…..perhaps esme should be looking for an orange jacket of some sort to wear on an up-coming trip to chicago….

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