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very low-rise jeans

we’ve had a number of discussions of jeans in esme’s fashion class–their origin, development, meaning, evolution, etc.  at present i would guess that jeans might be the one garment worn by almost everyone in the western world, and some in the east. imagine having designed an article of clothing that is so universally popular over such a long period of time!

i know that jeans have their detractors (in fact esme has had periods of being un-keen on jeans herself), so feel free to pipe up if you fall into this category.  and do let me know if you have thoughts as to WHY the jean has been such an enduring fashion.  i can’t figure it out for the life of me!  i mean, they are sturdy, pretty good-looking, versatile if allowed, and more or less but not necessarily comfortable, but……surely that doesn’t explain it.

certainly the recent introduction of stretch into denim has made a big impact, allowing the jean to look tight while feeling loose, and opening the way for it’s wearing by body-types that might have been excluded by the old stiff denim. esme resisted stretch denim for awhile, but now couldn’t live without it!

another trend that esme fought for several years was the low-rise jean.  it’s a bit like thong underwear:  you feel rather exposed if you’re not used to it.  and people with narrow hips are in danger of losing their jeans!  however, as middle-age worked it’s unpleasant magic on esme’s middle, she realized that the low-rise jean was a great way to avoid a too-tight waist and allowed her to wear jeans more fitted in the hip and thigh without worrying about the waist.  as you know, the trade-off is the infamous muffin-top….but then life is a trade-off, right?

low-rise jeans are standard attire in esme’s fashion class.  and they do show off some fetching little stomachs and hips!  here i go again:  ah to be young!  esme and the teacher wear some higher but not HIGH jeans and are careful to disguise any possible muffin top with a hip-length sweater or jacket.  we certainly don’t want to be accused of wearing “mom jeans”!

ok, so for years jeans have gone from lowish to low to really really low.  now what?  see esme’s next installment for a possible answer!

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