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high-waisted jeans

high-waisted skinnies

esme was very surprised (if not shocked) the other day when many of the girls in her fashion class expressed great enthusiasm for high-waisted jeans.  and, they related that such jeans were impossible to find.  with a fashion-forward, young, (if not rich) population like this coveting an item, perhaps the tide really has turned!

some suggested looking for them in second hand stores.  indeed, a few years ago, esme finally gave up on her old natural-waisted jeans, and donated them to the good will.  hmmm….now she’s experiencing a pang of regret.  as you can see, she is a person who doesn’t let go easily!

the irony is that high-waisted styles have been all over the fashion mags for at least 2 seasons.  and yet, (outside of big cities) do you ever see regular folks wearing them?  esme certainly hasn’t.  which brings up an interesting question:  do styles originating in high fashion circles trickle down to us regular folks?  and if so, when?

what’s funny is that one of the girls in the class volunteered that she was actually wearing a pair of said jeans.  we all urged her to show and tell.  when she raised her top to show the jeans, we witnessed a pair of jeans about 2 inches below the belly-button.  she hastened to demonstrate that they came up high in the back (no thong-display here), but i’m afraid the class was more amused than impressed.  nope, THOSE are not high-waisted jeans!  a high waist means at the belly-button or above (no point in a belly-button ring btw).

oddly enough, however, when esme came home and googled “high-waisted jeans”, what should appear but jeans with waists at about the level our class-mate demonstrated.  i can only speculate that jeans have gotten so low in the last few years, that anything above the pubic line looks (and feels) high-waisted!  when in doubt, one can always demonstrate wisdom by opining that all is relative!

will the real high-waisted jean please stand up??




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