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faux fur

jenny king australian sweater

one lesson that esme has learned from her fashion history teacher, alison shelling, is that if you happen to be a fashion designer, keep a record of the garments you have designed over the years.  if possible, keep the actual garments!  ms. s., a graduate of australian fashion design school, and a designer for many years, often describes to the class items she designed and made.  we are just dying to see them!  but she has no photos or drawings!  perhaps for the current generation of designers, this will not be such a problem, as it is so easy to photograph and save one’s designs digitally.  in any case, young designers, heed this advice or forever live to regret it!

one piece that ms. s. did save was a fabulous faux fur jacket she made in the ’70’s.  it was a brownish-orange color, with a slight swing shape, and little round tassle-things on yarn to keep it fastened.  esme and teresa tried it on, and omg, they  both wanted one!!!  this garment is so in fashion now!  we tried to convince ms. s. that she could make a fortune producing these jackets, but i’m afraid she’s pointed in a different direction at the moment….maybe one day!

another of ms. s.’s garments that esme coveted was something she did not design herself, but had bought in the ’60’s in australia.  this was a lovely australian wool sweater designed by an australian who was well-known at the time, jenny king.  esme went right home and googled her, but had no luck—she’s either married, dead, or has stopped designing!  in any case, the sweater, almost 50 years old, was eminently wearable and stylish.

speaking of designers and outerwear, esme was telling teresa xiong (an up and coming fashion designer) about a lamb’s fetus coat she inherited from the mother of a friend.  teresa totally covets a coat like this, and let the record show that esme plans to will it to her upon her death.  by that time, teresa will probably be well-known in fashion circles and perhaps esme will have published her memoirs!

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