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chicago spring

after a few tantalizing days of spring weather, we have gone back to winter again.  esme has put away her comfortable sandals and gone back to her combat boots.  will the sandals ever see the light of day?  she has turned off her sprinkler system, and retrieved her raincoat.  even hunter had to don his dog-coat yesterday!  wools look a little odd in mid-may, but what is one to wear to keep away the chill?

esme had imagined this was just an odd year, combined with local weather trends and global warming.  however, she was amazed to read in her fashion history book that for some years fashion merchandisers have acknowledged global climate change!  that is, because weather has become so unpredictable, the fashion industry is no longer able to reliably market clothing based on seasons!  (you know, winter spring summer fall!)  our fashion history book states that “some major retailers have hired climatologists to help them plan their collections and set the time for sales of previous season merchandise”!  who woulda thunk??

and yet weather has always had a profound influence on what we want to buy.  esme popped into a few stores during our 3-day warm-spell and actually imagined she could wear linen blouse and sleeveless tops–very funny!  i’m sure you’ve all had the experience of shopping for summer clothing in july or august, only to find that the stores are filled with “fall” merchandise!

the noirs are planning a little trip to chicago to visit relatives and see the scenes.  apparently the weather varies from the 80’s to the 40’s, with drizzle!  esme had been thinking walking sandals and a jean-jacket for day.  do i need to take my boots (very bulky for traveling)?  i’ve got the basics covered: various jeans and khakis with short and long sleeved black t’s!  however, i am flummoxed when it comes to coats and shoes!  probably need at least 4 of each but no room in the carry-on!

any advice chicagoans?  i suppose if worse comes to worse there’s always shopping!

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