by admin on May 17, 2011

catching the baby

famous photo of sailor kissing a nurse

who doesn’t dread their annual ob-gyn appointment?  somehow esme has begun to dread it more as she ages, most likely because things are more likely to go wrong.  so i’m sitting in the waiting room today, dreading, and wishing i were somewhere else.   as a matter of fact, i accidentally turned into the shopping mall by mistake on the way there….now if that isn’t a freudian slip i don’t know what is!

i was just getting into the swing of glamour magazine (thank goodness they have lots of “women’s” magazines in there) when the doctor comes flying out of his office and runs out the door yelling “see ya in an hour”!  goodness!  turns out someone was being born and the doctor had to be there to “catch the baby” as the receptionist put it.  after a second of surprise and annoyance, esme felt nothing but relief.  she had to be rescheduled for a few weeks hence.  i suppose she could have gone to the mall after all!

there was something hilarious about the scene.  middle-aged doctor, a bit stiff but running nonetheless, graying hair swept back by the breeze, hot-footing it to the hospital.  for something joyous, if surely old-hat for him by now.  it would have made a wonderful black and white photo—like that famous ww ii photo of a nurse and a soldier kissing.  how esme wished that she could be for a brief moment a woman having a baby that needed to be caught, instead of an aging (if fashionable) matron with shrunken ovaries and a fear of needing to be caught herself!

with a chuckle and a sigh,



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