by admin on May 18, 2011

short gray hair is the bomb!

or long gray hair

here’s a concept esme learned about in her fashion class:  style tribes.  invented by designer and sociologist ted polhemus, the term refers to a group’s self-identification through it’s dress…..you know, hippies, punks, etc.  and dress expresses not only aesthetics, but also a philosophy of life.

for the past several years, esme has noticed that she stops and pricks up her ears whenever she sees a women with a) very short hair, b) uncolored gray hair, and c) some combination of a and b!  she sometimes even finds herself making unintended eye-contact!  once she did this with a woman on the scenic avenue pathway and it turned out they had the same haircutter!

so esme figures her tribe must be described thus:  middle-aged women with very short or uncolored hair, a certain edgy aesthetic and a desire to resist the fashion authority that tells us to try to look young and girly throughout our lives!  perhaps a certain intellectual bent is also implied.

in esme’s case, one risk is that her tribe has certain over-laps with the tribe of modern lesbians.  every once in a while, esme realizes she may be giving the wrong message to a member of this tribe.  but oh well, worse things could happen than a little mistaken flirtation!  and esme does wear a rather heterosexual-looking wedding ring!

feeling tribal,





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