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shoes have really  become a nightmare for esme over the past year.   way worse than swimming suits, which are a piece of cake by comparison! well, to tell the truth, walking has become a bad dream as well.  so many foot and back “issues” (as we used to say in the psychotherapy biz)!

if a shoe doesn’t bother one part of esme’s foot it bothers another!  ok, enough whining!  i thought i had the problem solved:  i have a comfortable pair of boots and several comfortable pairs of sandals.  just fine if the weather is warm and dry or even cold and wet.  however, it looks like chicago weather is going to be warm and wet!  argggggh!

so one must have a pair of shoes that are neither boots nor sandals.  esme has been looking for such shoes for months.  her sketchers turned out to be great on the feet but not so great on the back, so those are out.  she has been eying various naot shoes for some time.  they are hard to come by and rather expensive.

just in the nick of time she happened into a store that had a few naot styles.  the fit varies greatly depending on the particular shoe.  the maryjane style pictured above seemed very comfortable.  esme thought it was kinda cute though noir pronounced it to be “dorky”. 

well time will tell whether it becomes esme’s go-to shoe, or another expensive mistake that she’ll have to add to her guilty list!

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