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travel bags from the travel bag

recently esme has been engaging in 2 types of shopping:  travel shopping and shopping for random pieces that are on sale or that seem to be just the thing she needs to fill a gap in her wardrobe.  she started travel shopping in order to outfit christophe, and was quite pleased with the outcome, if not the expense.  but let’s hope christophe will wear his classic travel clothing with pride for years to come (unless his things get lost, stolen, or worn out…oh well)!  and does a patagonia jacket mark you as an american in europe?  probably so, but let’s hope it marks you as a cool american!

next esme began shopping for her upcoming trip to chicago.  i don’t know about you, but any sort of travel always inspires me to shop.  i suppose it is my way of dealing with anxiety (i am not a good traveler!).   esme decided she really had to have just the right piece of carry-on luggage.  many many years ago she had some wonderful hartmann luggage.  however, despite their expense and good looks, they became badly beat up and disreputable-looking over the years and had to be given up.  then she had a sturdy patagonia thing.  it looked cool, but was very awkward to use.

we have a really nice travel store here in carmel.  it is called the travel bag and has been around for years.  esme bought her trusty tilley hat there and is always greeted warmly by diane, the woman who sold it to her.  mr. noir is also well-known there, as he has bought numerous velcro-type wallets there over the years.  ah, the joys of living in a small town!

so after obsessing for quite some time over the different permutations of light carry-on bags (and really the variations in details are quite overwhelming), esme settled on a tasteful gray briggs and riley.  she really wanted the one in gray with orange piping, but the zippers on that one didn’t work as well (you see what i mean about details!).  so she went for function over color and has so far been quite pleased with her choice.

to make up for the lack of orange, she purchased  a paprika-colored tote by baggalini.  she hopes this will keep her from looking like the drab travelers on described on her previous blog!

shopping therapeutically,





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