by admin on May 23, 2011

traveling outfit

y’all may be wondering whether esme perished on the flight to chicago. thank heavens the answer is no, but she has had difficulty accessing the internet and so is as good as perished from the blogging universe!

i am here to tell you that the mode of dress for travelers in both the san francisco and chicago/o’hare airports is considerably more interesting than the sartorial styles witnessed in san jose international. waiting (for several hours) at sfo, esme noted that women in low-heeled boots looked both stylish and comfortable. esme herself was wearing her short black almost-combat-style boots–her feet felt fine, if a tad warm. several woman looked fetching in wide-legged pants and short jackets. one rather elderly (that is, older than esme) woman made quite a picture striding along in a little chanel suit and color-co-ordinated uggs!

on the male side of things, a gentleman sporting a window-pane plaid blazer atop jeans stood out in the security line, as did a dapper japanese guy wearing burberry shirt, gray jeans with horizonal detailing, and what might have been white mephisto sandals! when esme says stand out here, she means it in a good way—these guys were stylin’!

not having flown in several years, esme was shocked at the lines, the crowds, the delays, the changes of flights, the distances from point a to point b, the general chaos—she could only congratulate herself on having avoided all this until now! however, she was, after all her obsessing, quite pleased with her travel outfit: boots, cj jeans, black gap t, gray sweater, and long black burberry trench (at least 25 yrs. old).

mr. noir and i arrived in chicago in fair shape, but all i can say is, travel is not for the weak!

moving on out,


oh dear, can’t figure out how to get photos on blog on little traveling computer.  so, you’ll have to use your imaginations for now!




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