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bishops hall in oak park

the first part of our chicago trip has been focused on the frank lloyd wright home tour in oak park. mr. noir has been telling esme about oak park for years, but she never really got it. however, as soon as we entered the tree-lined neighborhood, with it’s wide boulevards, manicured lawns and enormous old houses, esme began to see what he meant.

as we drove along we kept swiveling our heads from left to right, trying to take in the fabulous architecture that comprises this neighborhood. each house seemed more stunning than the one before. hardly a car was on the streets, a few souls rode bicycles, and dog-walkers with dogs walking nicely on-leash appeared now and then.

one of these stunning mansions turned out to be our b & b. bishops hall is a 10,000 square foot home built in 1914. it has 3 enormous and spotlessly clean guest rooms decorated with antiques, paintings, and the healthiest house-plants you have ever seen. we had been upgraded to the master suite, which was almost as big as our little carmel cottage. esme couldn’t wait to try the steam-shower, something she has heard about but never experienced. now we don’t usually travel in such grand style, but mr. noir had gone all out for this visit to his home environs.

an unexpected bonus was the other guests: 2 sisters from wisconsin, about esme’s age, terribly attractive and quite hilarious. best of all, they turned out to be SHOPPERS!

an interesting note: according to esme’s admittedly flawed memory, oak park is the home of fashion blogger extraordinaire tavi. and yet, no one seemed to know about her! esme had been hoping to see her on the street, and keeps trying to guess which of the fabulous houses in the neighborhood might be hers!

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