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suits at hemingways


mr. noir had assured esme that dress in chicago would be “just like carmel”. so the dressiest garments esme packed were her harem pants from sylvie and a couple of johnny was white blouses. when we arrived at chicago-o’hare, esme noted that men were scurrying along in business suits and ties, something one rarely sees on the left coast these days, even in s.f. amazing how things change in just a thousand miles or so! and i haven’t even gotten to the accents!

anyway, the first night we went to dinner in oak park (which, as you may or may not know, is a residential suburb of chicago). the restaurant turned out to be a bustling, crowded scene with an urban vibe, a jazz band and more men in suits! women in silk and heels. what mr. noir and i call the “eth” is markedly different here. rabbi’s with long beards in the airport, fabulously dressed black people, men with big noses. and the food—big plates with portions 3 times west coast size for people with big appetites and big stomachs! every place seems to have a full bar (great martini’s)!

needless to say, esme felt a bit underdressed (if more trim than usual), having lacked time and energy to change out of her traveling outfit. she wished she had brought one of her lbd’s. however, one generous martini and a large portion of cabbag-wrapped perch later esme had begun to feel right at home. she slept well on the high 4-poster bed, and knew she would be ready to shop by morning!

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