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wonders sandals

kelly lane dress

well, apparently esme didn’t actually shop in chicago, but rather in the chicago equivalents of ummm…. burlingame or something.  she found plenty to covet in the chicago peripherals, so imagine what might have happened had she actually made it to the official downtown!

still in oak park, esme spent more than half a day scouring three terrific little shops:  nora’s shoe shop, ananas, and filoni (the latter eerily reminiscent of sylvie!).  her b&b-mates had made out like gang-busters at nora’s, purchasing perhaps 8 pairs of shoes between them!  of course esme had to check this out, and she was not disappointed.  she was amazed to discover brands of shoes she had never heard of.  she almost bought a cute little pair of very comfy sandals by wonders, a spanish make, and still might call and have them mailed!

next stop was the sale rack at ananas.  esme found the most fetching little frock by another designer she had never heard of–kelly lane.  are you familiar with this one, readers?  you know that esme rarely wears dresses, but she absolutely couldn’t resist this one, and mr. noir loved it!

then esme spent found lots of things to try on at filoni. she particularly admired the way she looked in an israeli caftan-like garment by kadem.  but in the long run she knew mr. noir would freak out if she bought another expensive, fabulous but totally costumey item that would look eccentric once she pulled it out of her suitcase in carmel!

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