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max and benny's deli

highland park dress

next stop–the little burb of lincolnshire, home to mr. noir’s most favorite second cousin, desdemona.  we know that ms. d is not a first cousin, but it has taken us a while to figure out exactly what she is.  we finally decided that she is a straightforward second cousin (she and mr. noir share a set of great-grandparents)…..same relationship as christophe’s future children to roz/ruby/rose’s children’s children! thank heavens we solved that one!

by this time the weather had turned from sandals and tank-top weather to dramatic thunder and lightning storms with disaster warnings on the tv!  esme had been feeling a little silly for having transported a couple of sweaters, boots, and her long coat all this way, but she began to be glad she had, and even wished she had brought…oh….some wool hats and gloves!

we met/reconnected with relatives both near and far.  christophe will be amazed at all the actual blood relatives he has in chicago!  turns out one (non-blood) relative–the wife of ms. d’s second husband’s third son (!)–has an on-line jewelry business!  as you can imagine, we had lots to talk about!  check it out at!

desdemona and her hubby schlepped us all around, gamely navigating pretty horrendous traffic.  mr. noir’s desires were focused on 1.  deli’s and 2. architecture.  esme’s, of course, were focused on shopping.  at least compared to carmel, even the chicago suburbs were filled with interesting shopping venues.

in quest of a deli we landed in highland park, where desdemona and esme happily perused the eileen fisher store for sweaters, and found some intriguing garments on the sale-rack of a near-by boutique. in fact, desdemona had been on a quest of several years’ standing to replace a perfect black cashmere sweater that she had bought in england.  she snapped up a lovely replacement after about 2 minutes at eileen fisher!  esme found some very nice shrugs that she obsessed over but did not commit to, figuring she could always call when she got home.

on the way home, desdemona paid esme a lovely compliment:  she said that esme’s visit was inspiring her to aim for new sartorial heights!  esme was thrilled, and had a moment where she imagined just how oprah must feel!

’tis better to inspire than to receive (or something like that!),



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