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our quest for restaurants and architecture brought us to the charming neighborhood of chicago’s near north side.  we drove up during a storm, but the clouds parted for us as we found a parking space, and figured out how to use this cool parking system where you can use your credit card to purchase 2 hrs. of street parking!  esme (with christophe’s trip to paris in mind) always wonders how long it would take for someone from another country to figure out things like this….but the californians got it on the first try!

edgar miller studios

mr. noir had gotten a bee in his bonnet (hey, a new idiom!) about finding a building designed by someone esme had never heard of:  edgar miller.  an article in one of his numerous house magazines (american bungalow??) had set him off.  esme and desdemona were skeptical but game, as long as there was food and shopping at the end of the line.

well, far from being disappointed, we were positively gobsmacked by this building!  i have never seen anything quite like it! an almost gothic warren of brick and tile buildings was surrounded by a fanciful brick wall.  rectangular peep-hole gave views of a darling little garden.  the side-walks were inlaid with colorful tile, the walls were made of irregular clinker bricks, and there was stained glass up the wazoo!  desdemona (bless her heart) prevailed upon a young resident to let us in the gate.  this young man, btw, was wearing jeans and flip-flops in the rain!

we were a bit worried about getting lost, trapped or busted, and esme kept thinking about earthquakes, but the views were worth the anxiety.  we even chatted with a resident who was walking a little terrier!  mid-westerners are the bomb!!

as we left mr. miller (we did not get locked in kineahora!) and made our way towards shopping and cappuccino, esme noted (as she had from the beginning of the trip) that while men walking around were dressed in suit and tie, women were in jeans and wellies.  now how do you explain that one?  is it only men who work in the offices?  have the women left early to take care of children?  perhaps the women in suits and heels never emerge for a break?

how i would love to have an edgar miller-designed gown!,



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