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kindle with covers

esme likes this one

esme is so excited!  mr. noir gave her a kindle for their anniversary!  you might be surprised at how many shopping opportunities such a gift presents.  first off, one has to shop for books.  i haven’t yet figured out how to access the free books.  however, i downloaded 3 or 4 trial book-sections (free) to see if i like them.  pretty cool.

i finally decided i needed a really compelling, easy read to baptize the kindle, so i searched for sophie kinsella.  if you like light but well-written chick lit and have not read the shopaholic series, you owe it to yourself to do so!  ms. k is from the uk, so an added bonus is that you can brush up on your britishisms.  this, i believe, is where esme first learned the words “gobsmacked” and “kerfuffle”!

esme feared she had read all of ms. kinsella’s books, but she was relieved to find one she had not read (or at least did not recall reading!)–MINI-SHOPAHOLIC:  A NOVEL.  she downloaded the sample (a good 2 chapters) and in minutes was laughing out loud, much to the puzzlement of mr. noir.  what i love about these books is how perfectly they capture the thought-processes–the guilt, the rationalizations, the encyclopedic knowledge of brands— of the true shopaholic, and manage to be hilariously funny at the same time.

on the other hand, our cousin desdemona tried to read one of these books and found herself getting too upset at the heroine’s spendthriftness (spendthriftiness?), and too fearful of it’s consequences to keep reading!  so i suppose they are not for the sensitive!  esme urged her to try again with the reassurance that it all comes out well in the end, but i suspect the tension will still be too much for the delicate desdemona!

esme can’t stand violence (especially in movies) but doesn’t mind a bit of recklessness in regard to money as long as the person doesn’t end up starving or freezing to death, which kinsella’s character definately does not.  so of course she ordered the book, which arrived in a matter of seconds and has plunged her even more deeply into a shopping mentality (as if she needed such a thing).

on top of all this, she has discovered that one really should have the perfect cover for one’s kindle.  it looks cooler and is easier to handle that way.  oh my….a little on-line research revealed an overwhelming (and rather pricey) number of possibilities.  now what would kinsella’s heroine do?

torn between reading and shopping,


p.s. send book recommendations!


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