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piscine champerret

paris pool

christophe had quite the swimming adventure on his trip to paris. when he texted esme that he was going for a swim at the piscine champerret esme’s heart gave a little flutter of excitement—paris, swimming, how much more romantic can you get!

a few hours later esme was distressed to learn that poor christophe had actually gotten himself booted out of the pool for failure to wear a speedo and a cap!  i guess the french are a bit more formal than we are, but still……esme can just image all sorts of pot-bellied geezers splashing around in their tiny speedos and funny caps!  in addition, christophe complained that “no one knows how to swim here!”

take a lesson from this readers:  when swimming in a foreign country (or perhaps in any new pool) be sure to acquaint yourself with the local customs before taking the plunge!

esme read up a bit on the subject of paris swimming pools, and discovered that there are no fewer than 38 public swimming pools!  however, swimmers complained about the lack of lane lines, difficulty swimming laps, and likened the natatorial experience to driving in parisian traffic!  so i suppose christophe was not alone.  esme also found out that (ironically) there is one paris pool that allows nude swimming at certain hours…..do you think one has to wear a cap??




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