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biarritz views

in some ways christophe is a child after his mother’s own heart.  esme told you how he explored swimming pools in paris.  this was not a huge success, so he decided to move on to an activity where he is more in his element:  surfing.  not much surfing in paris, so what do you know?….he ended up at a youth hostel in biarritz.  neither esme nor mr. noir have ever been to biarritz (although esme did spend a few nights at cap d’antibes with an old boyfriend many many years ago), so we had difficulty imagining what this would be like.

the first reports on facebook via iphone were positive:  “made it”!  then we heard:  “biarritz is so much better than paris”!  finally:  “surfed twice today….hostel is great….run by really friendly australians, 33 euros for breakfast, a bike and a surfboard”!  followed by photos of various gorgeous beaches overlooked by balconies from which christophe was surveying his new world.

this so reminded esme of the first time she went to europe when she was a tad older than christophe.  at the time she had been swimming in the icy waters of san francisco bay daily.  waiting for the boat from dover to calais, she recalls being unable to resist a little plunge into the waters of dover beach.  quite chilly  it was indeed, and there being no locker room to warm up in, esme’s body took a while to return to baseline.  what’s funny is, she can’t remember what she wore.  she does not recall bringing a swimming suit…..surely she did not swim in the buff??   well, the tides of time take all, don’t they?

christophe is returning home soon, and esme can’t wait to hear all the details.  she imagines that he didn’t need many clothes at the australian youth hostel in biarritz, but she sure does wonder if he ever wore those 5-finger shoes, and if so, what the reception was.  i do know that he refused to wear his glasses, describing them (as one of my friends described the 5-fingers) as a “chick repellent”!

soon christophe will be writing a blog!  oh wait, he’s already started one (see esme’s blog-roll for reference)!

once a mother, always a mother,



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