by admin on June 5, 2011

kedem sasson caftan at filoni of oak park

esme has just read that the kaftan/caftan (either spelling is acceptable) is IN!! this from polyvore, vogue’s on-line offshoot.  i knew there was a reason i was attracted to that wacky kaftan/kimono thing by kedem that i saw in an park shop!  it was one of those items that evoked instant lust, but over the years (and with mr. noir’s guidance) i’ve learned to be sketptical about this feeling.  i learned the same lesson as a young woman while dating:  a certain kind of instant and powerful attraction turned out to be much more useful as a red flag than as a call to action!

however, that sort of lust (for either clothing or men) is really fun while you’r experiencing it….just as long as you don’t drop a wad of money you don’t have, or have sex with someone who turns out to be oh….a heroin addict or something. aaaanyway….. not only has polyvore indorsed the kaftan, but esme also saw some nightgowns at macy’s labeled as “kaftans”.  (btw, the sales girl in oak park kept calling them kafghans, and it was all esme could do to keep her mouth zipped and not correct her!)  so the word, if not necessarily the look, is certainly in the public ear.

come to think of it, that kafghan wasn’t THAT expensive and it did look quite exotic on esme.  on the other hand, mr. noir would have given me such a stink-eye that i might never have recovered.

tempted again,



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