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feelin' cute

feelin' groovy!

esme learned a useful concept when she was out shopping with whimsey one day.  whimsey had been trying on various articles of clothing.   she had even decided to purchase a few.  one of the last things she tried on was what was, to esme’s eye, a really attractive gauzy taupe skirt with a cream silky underskirt.  esme thought it looked quite fetching (and romantic) on whimsey.  however, whimsey (normally quite decisive and even perhaps opinionated at times) made the following firm and inarguable pronouncement:  “it doesn’t make me feel cute”!

she was not talking about how it looked (esme can tell you that it looked quite fine).  she was not talking about what others would see when they looked at her.  she was not even talking about the garment’s feel in terms of comfort.  nay, she was describing an inner emotional state that the skirt produced.  rather than looking outward to assess her possible purchase, she was looking inward.

which was interesting to esme (who usually considers herself quite inward-looking) because she had never thought of clothing in quite this way.  esme is typically trying to picture herself from the outside looking in;  i.e. imagining what others might see when they look at her.  as a result, she is also very influenced by compliments (or lack thereof).

so now esme has a new shopping rule:  if it doesn’t make you feel cute, don’t buy it.  this can also extend to shopping one’s closet:  if it doesn’t make you feel cute, don’t wear it.  all of which begs the question:  what contributes to a garment making one feel cute???

certainly there is the physical feel of the clothing—for esme it must feel soft, or sensuous in some way.  and surely there is how one looks to oneself in the mirror.  but the rest is indefinable.  perhaps as esme continues to work with the concept she will begin to have a clearer picture of how the concept works.

readers, what do you think?




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