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j brand cobalt skinny jeans

theory viscose/linen pants

cute, comfortable pants are always the hardest things to find.  especially when both one’s body and fashionable silhouettes keep shape-shifting!  as a result, esme has amassed a rather large collection of pants over the last couple of years, only a few of which she wears regularly.  at this point, esme feels almost phobic about actually buying pants, what with one month’s cute and comfy becoming the next month’s tight-or-baggy and dated.

however, she has stumbled upon a couple of noteworthy pant-permutations.  one is a pair of cobalt blue j-brand skinny jeans that she tried on in a little boutique on chicago’s north side.  this shop (handle with care at 1706 north wells) was the kind of place that esme would frequent if she lived in the neighborhood.  with only a few minutes to scope out the merch, and with desdemona and mr. noir in tow, she only scratched the surface!  bright colors are big this season, and esme thought she looked pretty good in cobalt blue.

however, esme decided to sleep on the cobalt blues, having just recently told herself that she was quite over skinny jeans!  meanwhile, a few days later what did she see pictured on one of her favorite fashion blogs ( but a pair of skinny jeans in coral that the author had fallen in love with.  ms. youlookfab looked truly fab in them, and combined them with all sorts of tops and jackets to create fetching ensembles.   esme had to remind herself that this blogger is a) considerably  younger than esme and b)considerably taller and skinnier than esme, and c) most likely not a princess-and-the-pea type of person!

aaaaanyway……another permutation on pants was a really comfortable pair of white linen/viscose pants by theory that esme found at leaf and petal in palo alto.  she has been looking for just the right pair of white pants/jeans for years.  these did not look impressive on the rack, but were quite nice on.  the fabric has an unusual cool but crunchy feel.  they are loose but not baggy, and turned out to be exactly the right thing for the noirs’ first few days in chicago when the weather was hot hot hot!  esme wishes they’d make these pants in khaki, but as of now they are only available in white.

speaking of theory, esme bopped into a local consignment store (ritzy rags)  the other day and what did she find but a little theory blazer in khaki of the exact same fabric as her white pants!  perfect except for one tiny thing:  the blazer was in a size 00 and was WAY too small for esme’s swimmer’s shoulders!  any of you local readers who can wear a size 00 jacket should zip down to ritzy rags right away and try this one on! (new, with tags!)

not branded but definitely theoretical,



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