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beautiful carmel-by-the-sea

some carmel shops

the strangest thing happened to esme upon her return from chicago:   all of a sudden she started to feel…..completely bored with carmel.  for many years people have asked esme, “carmel….isn’t it kind of boring there?” and esme would reply with utmost sincerity “not at all!”

carmel has always seemed to have the best of many worlds all in one tiny little town:  forest, ocean, shopping, restaurants—what more could one want?  we even have culture (bach festival, symphony, smuin ballet visits, art galleries up the wazoo), all sorts of festivals (pebble beach concours d’elegance, pb food and wine, plein air competition to name just a few), a dog-beach, a couple of great swimming pools, good public schools…….who could be bored?

esme doesn’t bore easily.  all she needs are a good book, a lap pool, a bit of shopping, great food, and people to enjoy them with!  she does not need to be out every night doing the clubs, attending the opera, going to charity events, running marathons, sitting on boards, getting a job (horrors!), or any of that stuff she imagines people in her situation might do!  in fact, she is happy to fall asleep with a good book before most europeans would even be sitting down to dinner!

so why is esme bored with carmel all of a sudden?  it comes down to this:  shops and people-watching.  for now at least, esme has scoured the carmel shops with a fine-toothed comb.  she has been in most of them so many times that it is almost embarrassing. she has bought what she loved, and not bought what she didn’t and there’s nothing more to want.

but here’s the clincher:  esme loves to sit at a cafe, or just walk down the streets, and watch interesting people.  she did this daily when she lived in s.f.’s north beach.  it was a fabulous thing to do in paris.  and the people-watching was pretty great in chicago.  but carmel?  to be sure, esme has met a handful of quite interesting people.  but sit yourself in a cafe and most of what you see will be white-legged tourists in shorts with goose-flesh intermingled with well-preserved but not exactly stylin’ aged carmel denizens.  now the dogs are another story:   if you like to look at dogs, carmel is the place for you!

so what to do?  esme truly wouldn’t mind moving back to san francisco, but mr. noir is quite opposed.  he’d really like to be in chicago, but esme could not bear to leave the coast.  so here we are in carmel.  mr. has decided to rearrange all the furniture in our living room.  and esme…..well, she’s decided that before throwing in the towel and moving house, she could do a little shopping in surrounding areas–pacific grove?  monterey?  even carmel valley?

let’s not get carried away,



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