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esme has received quite a local response to her boring-carmel blog!  you might say she has gotten the locals up in arms!  let esme make it clear that her readers are some of the most interesting people around. and in fact, carmel and it’s environs have nooks and crannies just FILLED with the creative and the interesting.  i mean, we probably have one of the highest concentrations of phd’s, known artists and even nobel laureates around!

the trouble is, they don’t parade up and down ocean avenue wearing their fabulous jewelry and one-of-a-kind outfits, killer haircuts and astonishing profiles so that esme might sit in a cafe and admire their passing by.  at best, one might see one of them on the beach in sweats and duffer hat picking up a large dog-poop in one of those biodegradable bags!

perhaps esme should start a show-off-your-best-look day in carmel!!  imagine the shopping in which we could all indulge!  we might even have to make a little buying trip to san francisco!  this is not to say that carmel has no interesting shops.  in point of fact, carmel’s clothing stores have held esme in rapt bondage for nigh on 10 years.  it’s just that they are a bit like a river she has over-fished.

those of you locals who have not done much shopping recently, or visitors who have never tried the carmel shops owe it to yourselves to check out the wares.  esme’s favorites will probably sound familiar:  stephan cori, sylvie unique boutique, pacific rim, b real, she, rittmaster, paloosh, hedi’s shoes, lloyds shoes, ritzy rags, mon ami….ok, who am i leaving out?  anyway, one could spend hours, days, even weeks perusing these places, and esme has done so!

esme’s dearest readers, not being able to bear seeing her suffer, have also suggested many possible solutions to her ennui.  many suggested travel, continuing education, the taking up of new hobbies… most insightful reader even suggested she start a blog!!!  hear hear!!! esme is feeling more inspired already!!

sans ennui,



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