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not your daughters jeans

pacific grove boutique

esme once described herself as an animal who likes to stay close to it’s burrow, venturing out several times a day in a 5-mile radius to search for food, companionship, and stimulation.  mr. noir, on the other hand, likes to hang out in his burrow most of the day, but when he does venture out he goes far and wide, staying abroad for hours, days or even weeks at a time!  this is one reason that esme has mined the carmel shops:  they fit right in with her animal nature!

however, in an attempt to expand her  horizons, esme has decided that she owes it to herself to venture into the wilds of surrounding towns.  there are hazards to this:  traffic, excessive mileage on the car, risk of starvation, and fear of the unknown.  esme started out one day at around 2:30 in the afternoon.  this seemed early enough to miss the one hour of intense traffic we experience in this area (between 3:30 and 4:30 when the contractors and students return home), but late enough that she had accomplished her morning swimming/dog-walking routine.  pacific grove is the next town over, and there is a store that esme has been meaning to explore for years, so she decided to start there.

this store is called bi ba, and always has a window with pleasing and interesting displays.  on this day, a fetching little camisole/panty outfit made of cotton and eyelet lace caught esme’s eye—not something that esme needs, but enough to draw her in.  a sale rack held some possibilities.  a few cocktail dresses were on display.  and esme spotted a shelf of not-your-daughters-jeans, a brand she has been wanting to try.

she grabbed a straight black skirt from the sale rack, a few tops and a couple of sizes of the nydj jeans.  the jeans were extraordinarily comfortable.  esme didn’t want to take them off!  however, the pair that came the closest to fitting looked ok but not great.  the others came a bit too far above esme’s belly-button for perfection.  but…..esme just knows that there is a cut out there that will work for her, and she’s motivated to go on a quest!

the skirt looked quite nice.  esme experiemented with several tops, finally decided to sleep on the matter, as she actually owns a rather similar skirt that she had found on the sale rack at pacific rim!  however, the best was yet to come, but you’ll have to wait ’til the next episode to find out what it was!




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