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striped lynn ritchie top

solid lynn ritchie shirt

perhaps you recall that esme has been ranting for some time about the absence of certain garments from the retail scene.  one of these wished-for but non-existent pieces has been a knit silk t.  esme recalls having a wonderful shirt of eggplant-colored knit silk by go silk in the late ’80’s.  but go silk, alas, is long gone.

until just yesterday, esme had been unable to find anyone who had stepped into the void.  but her little exploratory trip to pacific grove set her straight.  bi ba carries a brand by lynn ritchie, who makes t’s and other tops from knit silk and cotton.  these feel smooth and sensuous and are perfect for wearing with jeans,  under a blazer, or perhaps even under a sleeveless dress or top.  they are available in solids with various necklines, and some rather wild prints.   the company only sells to boutiques, and bi ba is the only store in the area to carry them.  they can order one for you if your size or style is missing.

esme herself will hold out for a black or purple t with a round neck.  they seem to run a bit big, so she needs an extra small.  she also rather liked an exotic layered top with with gray and white stripes, an asymetrical hem and a gray under-cami—great with leggings.   some of the pieces were made of fine silk mesh and would be good layering pieces—they might even work to add sleeves without bulk to a sleeveless top.  the prices were quite reasonable.  only problem is, one does have to be sure that one’s terrier does not jump up and snag one’s top with it’s nice sharp digging claws!  handle with care!




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