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siste's dress at jeana's

soft leather jacket

carmel valley is known for it’s wineries, horse stables, high-end resorts, and gorgeous scenery.  it’s not the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of shopping for clothes. however, one of esme’s swimming buds has been bugging her for months to check out a little boutique in carmel valley village called jeana’s.  esme must admit that she was skeptical…..plus, going to “the valley” is quite a schlepp–10 miles at least.  once esme’s car broke down there and she had to wait quite some time in the wilderness for aaa to come!

well the first sunny day in what seemed like years arrived, esme was feeling both bored and courageous, and she decided to brave the elements and make her way to the village.  she wasn’t even exactly sure where jeana’s was, but figured she’d find it, there being only perhaps 2 other shops in the little shopping center!

imagine her delight when she found a parking place right in front of a promising-looking window displaying whimsical frocks in gauzy silks!  venturing inside, esme was greeted warmly by the owner (who had just turned on the fan, it being, in fact, warm).  she explained that she and her husband were distributors for an italian line of clothing called siste’s.  they had decided to open the shop in the valley (rather than say l.a. or s.f.) in order to have a bucolic place to raise their children.

esme was immediately drawn to a bouquet of creamy light tan leather jackets.  (she has been on a sort of semi-conscious quest for a non-black, fitted, light-weight leather jacket for years.)  the first one she tried on was amazing.  the owner said that many had tried it on, but esme was the only one thus far whom it had fit!   mmm…..soft, comfy and flattering.  and, of course, pricey.  as esme put it back on the rack, she learned there was to be a 40% off sale of several items starting in july. uh huh!  wonder if mr. noir would approve.

esme went on to try several other garments:  a couple of dresses, some tops, and a little jackety thing, all made of the most wonderful gauzy silk fabric with blues and tans layered over each other.  esme has really never seen anything like these!   an eccentric tank top with a silky sort of wing-like scarf thing that you could play with looking especially fetching, and a garment in the shape of a drapey duster in sheer mushroom-colored gauze was fantastic!  in the midst of her enthusiasm esme did note that she was beginning to describe these garments as “blank-like thingies”–a warning sign learned from shopping at sylvies that these were not what mr. noir has taken to calling “regular clothes.”

of course the leather jacket did not fit into this category, being an easily named and identifiable piece of outerwear!  esme took a couple of photos, put the clothes reluctantly back on the racks, and trundled home to sleep, if not to dream, of her new venue.

imagining myself in gauze,




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