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work-out wear or sportswear?

one reason that esme has gotten hooked on certain stores in the carmel crossroads shopping center is that she has developed a serious frozen yogurt habit.  the only frozen yogurt place in town is smack dab in the middle of a bunch of clothing stores, and one owes it to oneself to take a peek.  mr. noir has learned that when esme goes out for frozen yogurt she may not return for hours!  and she eats the smallest yogurt they have (a “baby”—cappuccino and vanilla).

however, esme has thoroughly explored her usual crossroads stores and decided she’d just nip into the work-out wear store, the treadmill, to see if they had any new 3-dot tee’s. she found a few on-sale, but wasn’t in love with them, although the colors were lovely: purple, turquoise, navy. the necklines were quite scoopy, so if this is a good look for you, check them out.  meanwhile, esme decided to stick to her gap favorite t’s, even though she a bit fatigued with black.

just as esme was about to leave, the saleperson brought out a few pieces just for fun.  these, she explained, were made of a very light-weight knit wool which is breathable, odor-resistent, and “great for travel”.  esme’s ears pricked up.  although she is, as you know, not exactly a world traveler, the idea (if not the actuality) of travel has started to sound appealing.  the items in question are little suits with jackets and pants, looking somehow tailored and comfy at the same time.  there are also shirts in even lighter-weight wool–long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and turtle-neck with zips.  three different brands were on disply:  ibex, smartwool, and icebreaker.

esme tried on a black jacket and pants combo.   good grief–quite chic!!!  a friend of mr. noir’s happened by at the moment, and stopped to compliment esme on the ensemble.  this was one of those really freezing carmel days, and esme had been chilly all day. of course she only got chillier after eating her frozen yogurt.  so the warmth of this outfit, despite it being almost summer, had lots of appeal.

esme tried on a few of the tops, which also looked rather flattering.  even the ones with zips somehow managed to look like sportswear rather than work-out wear!  however, with all three pieces aboard, esme had to admit that she was getting rather over-heated…..but perhaps it was just the excitement of a whole new shopping direction!

in any case, esme took a few photos to show to mr. noir and returned to her burrow empty-handed but full of ideas!

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