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kelly lane dress again

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every shopper has life-changing moments in her (or his) shopping history.  such moments can include visions of just the right look for a particular season/person/occasion, insights into how a certain article of apparel should work with one’s body, discovery of a line of clothing that one will wear and buy for years to come, and many more.

pivotal moments in esme’s shopping history might be:  her first experience shopping at loehman’s with kate;  discovery of the diana slavin boutique in san francisco;  realization that lo-rise jeans are actually comfortable;  first piece of european lingerie;  insight that a coat will not be warm unless the sleeves are fitted (i know i know well duh!).

esme’s oak park shopping spree lead to just such a pivotal experience.  you may recall that esme bought a whimsical little kelly lane frock (on a whim) from the sales rack in an oak park boutique.  it had a fitted knit top, a banded waist, and a kind of asymmetrical polka-dot skirt.  little did esme know what a hit this skirt would be.  not only did mr. noir love it, but the photo he took of esme wearing it looks better than esme looks in real life!  of course, she promptly posted it to her facebook profile.  in addition, her faithful male reader, phashion plate (a completely unknown person in real life), complimented her on it.

of course esme had to analyse the situation.  why had such a dress made such a hit?  yes, the fabrics are wonderfully unique and uniquely paired, yes it’s entirely comfortable, but……esme finally decided that the true genius of the dress is its SHAPE.  esme tends to be a bit long-waisted, a bit short-legged, and just a tad top-heavy.  (i know that’s a terribly unflattering description, but let’s get real).   the fit of this dress compensates for these flaws:  the waist is slightly high and fitted, the skirt is flaired (adding just enough bulk to the hips), and the bodice is dark and smooth.

esme has tended to be drawn to low-waisted or straight dresses (you know, the flapper look) and long lines.  while these profiles have their place, esme is now on a quest for looks that raise her waist-line, add a bit to the hips, and detract from the bust/shoulders!   also, she has had the stunning realization that a garment can have a defined waist and still be comfortable!

with this light to guide her, esme’s shopping has taken on a whole new sense of focus.  and thankfully, this shopping moment came to her before she descended entirely into the waistlessness of advanced middle-age!

readers, do share your own pivotal shopping moments!

with an eye to shapeliness,



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