by admin on June 19, 2011

purse with no wallet

esme awoke on this misty father’s day and recalled a shopping dream.  she was in a store, about to buy a pair of shoes, and worried that mr. noir would not be happy with her making yet another purchase.  as she dove into her bag to take out her credit card, she unearthed all sorts of impedimenta, but no credit card.  (ok, i thought maybe i’d made that word up, but it’s a real word and actually appropriate to the situation!)

more fumbling produced a similar result. finally, esme realized with a little jolt of horror that she had switched purses at the last minute (something she rarely does) and failed to transfer her wallet to the new purse! she decided she’d try to call mr. noir and see if he could give her his credit card number via phone.

aye!  she couldn’t get her iphone to dial the number! just as she was about to dial up on kate’s phone, she woke up! ok all you budding analysts:  what does THIS ONE mean???

just dreamin’,



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