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jacket detail

jacket detail 2

you may recall that esme recently tried on a little fawn-colored leather jacket by siste’s.  well, she could not get that jacket off her mind.  i’m sure you know how exciting/upsetting it is when you are obsessed with an article of clothing.  this happens to mr. noir with cars, and he will become so distressed that he loses sleep until he purchases one (or at least decides not to purchase it).

esme’s usual shopping buddies were all busy, and mr. noir was caught up in moving all the furniture in the house, so esme decided to take advantage of her role as a fashion blogger and try a new tack to make a purchasing decision.  she considered posting a photo of the jacket on her blog, but decided this was a bit too much public exposure (and more compellingly, she did not look that great in the photo!).  so, she compiled a list of particularly shopping-savy readers and requested their feedback.

i must say that the reviews were mixed:  a couple of thumbs up; a few well you can do better; no outright no’s but…..  here are a few samples:  cute, but are the shoulders too big??  love the neckline—you can add an hermes scarf or a statement necklace!  how does it look from the back—does it complement your tush?  never liked those high pockets. and from mr. noir—cute.

finally, as mr. noir put the living room back together and the weekend approached, esme decided the time was ripe to ask her hubby to opine on the jacket in person.  so we took a jaunt into the wilds of carmel valley, risking snake-bite, poison-oak, and lack of cell-phone reception.  it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  hawks were circling, birds twittering, and the world smelled of dried grass and sage.

well, esme really put mr. noir through his paces by trying on half the store.  there were a few pieces they both liked, but in the end, it was the leather jacket that made the cut.  now that it is in esme’s possession she is wearing it at every opportunity.  indeed it has some flaws (perhaps being just a tad big).  however, that’s one of the things that make it seductively comfy.  esme has decided that it is really a kind of jean jacket made of leather–soft and casual—that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

and now, she really would like to find a pair of shoes in a compatible light color, maybe a few scarves, oh and a non-black belt of some sort…..

see what you did?




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