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wigs with hermes scarf

in recent years esme has had several relatives and friends who have undergone chemotherapy and had occasion to buy wigs.  to their credit, they managed to turn the buying and wearing of a wig into a bit of an adventure!  indeed, even if you still have your own hair, a wig is a dramatic way to change your look and perhaps your identity.

esme once tried on a couple of wigs with a friend—goodness how different they both looked from their usual selves!  it was also striking that some wigs (just like some blouses) looked a lot better than others.

esme had a long talk with cousin desdemona from chicago about wigs.  first she learned that one doesn’t just walk into a store (which store would it be, anyway?) and buy a wig.  one gets referrals from doctors or hairdressers and makes an appointment with a wig person.  most people esme talked with seem to do this before they were going to lose their hair.  this way they had the energy to deal with the decision and also time to adjust to the change in their looks.

there are many types of wigs.  just for starters one can buy:  machine-made wigs with artificial hair, hand-made wigs with artificial hair, machine-made wigs with real human hair, and hand-made wigs with human hair.  then, there are different grades of hair (from coarser to finer) and different types of bases into which the hair is woven.

desdemona and her husband were adamant that only the pricier wigs made of human hair were acceptable, while another of esme’s friends preferred the artificial ones.  both types of wigs must be washed and styled, the human hair wigs being more demanding in this regard.  and surprisingly enough, the artificial wigs are said to be cooler.  to be made into a wig, hair must be several inches long.  esme’s super-short hair would never do!

esme’s consultants all had more than one wig, allowing them to inject variety and a sense of play into the process.  and desdemona came up with a wonderful concept:  after every chemotherapy session she would allow herself a treat.  pictured above you will see the hermes scarf that was one of her favorites!

trying not to wig out,




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