by admin on June 24, 2011

what to wear?

esme is not of an age where tons of her contemporaries are getting married.  she’s even past the age where children of her friends are getting bat/barmitvah.  and thank goodness she has not needed to attend any funerals of late.  but the down side of this is that there are few occasions for getting really dressed up.  fortunately, one of esme’s swimming/fashion/writing/girl-talk buddies has decided to make the leap and tie the knot (mixed metaphors i know i know).

this is to be a late afternoon-early evening affair.   it will be heavily attended by the fashion cognoscenti.  the ceremony will be outdoors, while the reception will be inside.  given the winter-like weather we’ve been having here,  plus the need to look really cool, figuring out what to wear has been a challenge.

at first esme was thinking she’d look for one of those sexy cocktail dresses.  they were few and far between and the one she liked best looked like it would wind her in traction getting in and out of it.  so she decided that the better part of prudence would be to wear something she already has.  it’s a good thing one can wear black to a wedding these days, as that opens up the possibility of one of esme’s almost-vintage diana slavin lbd’s.  then there is esme’s actual vintage dress from the ’20’s.  and of course various combinations and permutations of various sylvie pieces.

esme put on a little fashion show for mr. noir the other day.  her lbd’s got thumbs up.  however, they have become just a tad tight under the arms and would really look a lot better if esme could wear heels (which she can’t).  mr. noir loved the vintage dress, but it’s starting to fall apart in a few places and might not last the evening!   in addition, it’s sleeveless and needs a wrap. esme tried the garment she calls her “shroud” atop some petit pois black pants.  this was very comfortable and flattering, but is it dressy enough?   you can see the problem!

we have not even addressed the matter of accessories.  esme is very limited with regard to shoes and will most likely end up wearing a funny little pair of rocket-dog ballet flats or perhaps open-toed sandals.  but she has a fair number of necklaces and earrings.

she has been thinking that the shroud would look dressier with just the right long black skirt (babette perhaps?).  if she were a thrifter, she could probably find something great at a local second-hand shop.  actually, an all-out shopping blitz would be kinda fun too…….

well, perhaps i’ll toss a coin,



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