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some nydj's

esme's jeans research

esme’s favorite pair of cj jeans, which she has been wearing almost daily for a year, have started to wear out.  strangely, the silk pockets have begun to fall apart, spilling loose change, gum wrappers, and potentially one’s earrings when one least expects it.  so, esme has been on a quest for a new pair of stylish, comfortable daily jeans.

she had a positive experience trying on a pair of nydj’s.  in addition, a pair she admired on a woman at the gym turned out to be this same brand.  esme didn’t think it would be that difficult to find the perfect pair.  this of course turned out to be naive.

first of all, the only local purveyors of the brand are macy’s and one small boutique called parts unknown.  oh for a nordstrom’s!  esme has come to dread going to macy’s the way she might dread going to a dental appointment.

secondly, there appear to absolutely zillions of styles, and each store has them labeled differently.  thirdly, as with most jeans, the fit is individual to each pair, and not particularly consistent across styles and sizes!  a 2 in one style might be a little tight, whereas a 0 in another is loose.  one 2 petit in one store might fit differently from the same style/size in another store.  aachh!

interestingly enough, this very irregularity holds out the promise of finding the perfect pair:  for instance, if one pair of 2 petits in the straight-leg style are a bit snug, the next pair might be just bigger enough to be just right!  dream on!

then there’s the issue of stretching and shrinking.  while one salesperson assured esme that the jeans would “give” another assured her that they would not.  upon close inspection, some were made of cotton and spandex, while other were made of cotton, spandex and polyester.  would esme be wrong to assume that the latter would be less subject to either shrinking or stretching?  who knows?

there is also the possibility of ordering these jeans on line.  zappos, amazon and nordstrom’s all carry them.  but that opens up a whole new can of worms!

perhaps esme needs a jeans therapist……




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