TO THE PERFECT WEDDING (and a mermaid)

by admin on June 26, 2011

the bride

groom and bride (with swimming suit lines!)

OH.  MY.  GOD.  esme thought she had died and gone to heaven.  in fact, she knew she was still on this earth because she went through more kleenexes than she had in her pocket, her nose started to run, and she had to stop herself from breaking into loud sobs.  this was the most fabulous wedding!  what esme wore or didn’t wear became irrelevant (more on that later).  the bride in her wedding dress was the most beautiful woman on earth.  and it was clear that this was how the groom felt.

THE dress was a luscious creamy silk shantung, strapless with a closely fitted bodice to show off a tiny waist, billowing into a mouth-watering confection just below the hip.  a generous train skimmed the floor, and a splash of fushcia (the bride’s favorite color) peaked out from just below the breast-line.  luxurious but ecologically minded, this gown had been ingeniously reconstructed from an ’80’s gown that the bride’s sister had worn to her own wedding.  but to esme’s mind, the most terrific part of the whole outfit was that the bride’s swimming-suit-strap lines were just visible crossing her well-toned bare back—a tribute to swimmers everywhere and a testament to the way the bride has maintained her smashing figure!

it would be remiss of esme not to mention the music.  the bride’s sister is a wagnerian opera singer.  she performed the most moving rendition of hebrew prayers, intermixed (like the couple) with christian prayers.  and just like the unexpected jolt of fushcia in the wedding gown, the music caught everyone (especially the groom) by surprise when it segued from bach to the star-wars theme!

ok, the outfits.  many in black.  a smattering of really cool-looking op-art dresses.  some long, some short.  one woman wearing a simple silk pants/jacket/shell in gold-toned taupe caught esme’s eye but escaped before esme could snap a pic.  a striking blonde turned out to be a former revlon model.  a gym buddy created a terrific ensemble with a thrifted cut-velvet gown topped with matching short shrug.  esme wore her “shroud” atop petit pois mesh pants, and pearls.  she felt good, although in hindsight she kind of wished she had worn her silk purple-and-black harem-pant-and-jacket outfit from the ’80’s!  ah, but she danced, she drank champagne, she celebrated, she observed……and she vowed to swim a few extra laps the next day!




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