by admin on June 27, 2011

wonderful blue hat


well, i suppose it is not for one of the guests to say who would be the perfect wedding guests but…….it seemed to esme that these came pretty close.

the great thing about these wedding guests was that they ranged from soup to nuts (i.e. there was some of everything).  although this wedding was not huge, the guests represented a broad range of ages, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, stations in life, religions, marital statuses (statusi??), countries of origins, sizes, shapes, and descriptions!  what they had in common was a joie de vivre and a resounding “huzzah” for the married couple!

let’s let this post be mostly a photo-post, and i’ll show you a few of the attendees and their outfits.  with, btw, apologies for esme’s rather amateur photographic skills!

op art dress

the face of revlon


thrifted dress


esme enshrouded


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