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lovely french linen

one of the women in esme’s book group has just returned from a trip to france.  this member, whom i’ll call dionys, has a flare for the sartorial.  she always wears something striking and attractive.  perhaps this should not be a surprise, as dionys is a textile artist  known for her quilt creations.  she once made a wonderful quilt/painting into which she incorporated a collection of mr. noir’s discarded silk ties!

dionys was looking even more fetching than usual at our last book group meeting.  the piece de resistance was a lovely draped linen jacket that she had bought in the french town of aigues mortes.  tailored in back, it flowed gracefully in front.  the fabric was soft and pliable, a pale gray with subtle embroidered circles in muted tones.
this is how dionys described the store where she purchased this charming garment:
The shop name is Az Createur.  It’s in the quaint little town of Aigues Mortes in SW France near the Mediterranean, not Atlantic side.  The designer and creator is a man named Amar Zerroudi.  He said he began sewing at age 15 and knew immediately that that’s what he wanted to do.  His shop is white and spotless, looks ‘perfectly ironed’ just like all of the pieces he displays.  His workshop is just behind the store and in complete view to visitors. All of his garments are hand made by him of French linen.  Many pieces are of multiple patterns in linen ranging from white, beige, soft green to grey/black.
dionys’ only regret is that she did not buy more pieces while she had the chance.  she is thinking of trying to sew a similar jacket for herself, but told esme that it is very difficult to find good linen fabric these days.  esme definitely wanted this jacket;  in fact, she would love to have the whole outfit (as well as dionys’ sewing and designing skills!)

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